About us

Kazoo are a London based award winning VFX and animation studio, specialising in high-end video games and broadcast content
for some of the most exciting work in the industry.

We are a multi-talented and international team of experienced indie directors, producers, designers, artists and animators, with a deep commitment
to storytelling. With each new project we try to push boundaries and approach briefs innovatively, by migrating skills between disciplines
and finding new ways of communicating ideas.

Whether we are creating the CGI content for a giant simulator in a theme park, producing cut scenes for Doctor Who’s latest video game,
or designing interactive graphics for the Discovery Channel, we always seek out great stories and a unique team of artists to execute our vision.

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    Adam ZuabiExecutive Producer

    Adam’s background is in cinema, having founded Palestine’s first international film festival, co-founded a film fund and produced several documentaries in Italy and Britain. Adam is a Chevening scholar and holds an LLM in Copyright Law from SOAS College, having started his way as a Lawyer in Israel many lives ago.

    In his free time Adam can be found in his garden shed practicing his Clarinet.


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    Rotem NahlieliCreative Director

    Having worked for the past 17 years as a broadcast designer, following art direction studies in Tel Aviv and Eindhoven, Rotem designed some of the most defining brands for leading advertisers and broadcasters in Israel before moving to London. Rotem worked as lead designer at 20th Century Fox, prior to starting Kazoo together with Adam.